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They would make the popular vote decide the result of elections. In the Senate, the situation is much worse. I never quite understood that. For now, citizens of Idaho and other noncompetitive small states will have to live with being ignored by the politicians fighting to be their president.

Even if the Democratic party found effective ways to counteract the changes in state voting demographics that GOP is proposing in its favor, it would still leave Americans with leadership that only garners the support of just over half of the populace.

Cuban-Americans: Politics, culture and shifting demographics

I would have voted for any number of African-American candidates had I understood what they were espousing. Academic research has found that a number of different factors can explain these discrepancies.

And most Americans do not have the time or resources to truly influence their representative in the House.

2012 United States presidential election

If the votes in these states return to traditional levels, with diminished enthusiasm for Obama among youth and independent voters, Romney will be quite close to victory.

International affairs columnist Renard Sexton began the series with an analysis of polling leading up to the election; [ 23] then posts by Silver, Andrew Gelman and Sexton analyzed the reported returns and political implications. Congressional boundaries can make or break political careers and shape the direction of national lawmaking for a decade.

Because of the way the United States elects presidents, however, these decisions on where to campaign and where to ignore are essential. Article 2, section 1, clause 2or the "Presidential Electors Clause": In addition to these studies, the University of Virginia Center for Politics recently partnered with Public Opinion Strategies to survey the attitudes of Trump voters, and as a part of that poll, respondents were asked about their prior voting history.

Voting Fraud Posted by: Trump a 2 percent chance at the nomination despite strong polls in his favor Most of the public polls pointed to a close race in North Carolina Back when Americans were winners. The site will return to its original URL, www. Massive fraud with no voter IDs, or multiple fraudulent IDs, have spoiled many major elections.

Now it gets fun. This survey sought the views of: Culberson perhaps did nothing untoward when he sold a biotech stock — the one concerning which Rep. While, as in the United States, each state is represented by two senators, in Mexico, there is one extra senator for each state, elected not from the winning party, but from the second place finisher in the state.

Senatethe U. During the post election period Silver devoted attention to developing some tools for the analysis of forthcoming Congressional elections[ 13] [ 14] as well as discussing policy issues and the policy agenda for the Obama administration, especially economic policies.

Unlike the United States, there is no variation in the voting system from state to state, or election district to election district. But maybe if we watch closely they can advise us.


By Henry Farrell on April 11, From Ezra Zuckerman, the famous sociologist. Pari passu, every single one of these seems to me to apply to political science journals too. Mar 06,  · India’s national elections began April 7 and will continue on nine separate dates until May 12, with results expected to be announced on May In most presidential elections, the candidate with the majority of electoral votes (and thus elected president) also had the majority of popular votes.

The implications of Jordan’s new electoral law

In four cases (, and ), however, the elected president had fewer popular votes than his opponent. Nov 06,  · The new email controversy had seen Clinton’s Electoral College Votes prediction sink by 32 to in the period between October 14 and November 2 according to.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of changes how the Electoral College chooses the president of the United states will give all of their Electoral College votes, or "electoral votes", to the person with the most votes from regular people.

The agreement makes sure that this person will.

Richy Rich, and other electoral oddities

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